Teen Titans: Year One #1-#6 discussion/review

So i read all six issues. It was okay i guess. Batman hit Robin in the first issue (under mind control) and once freed didn’t even apologize. The miniseries ended abruptly (unless it was leading into another older comic) and they give batman this thing at the end where it makes him look like he’s proud of Robin but the whole thing is literally on the last page and it just falls flat, it feels like there were 3 or so more pages but for whatever reason were cut out so we are given this abrupt ending. The artwork is really good though. I wouldn’t call this a “year one” comic though since the comic only took place over a few weeks and not a year

It is titled Year One because it is during their first year not because the story spans throughout a whole year.

This was one of the few classic Titans projects I actually didn’t like. So no praise from me.

I like it, especially the issue, where Donna Troy and Roy Harper had a date.Na

The teen lingo that was used as dialogue by the older writers made the original issues unreadable to me now.

Aw, those old comics were really gear!! OK. I see your point, TSOS1950. The dialogue from the '60’s in particular is stilted as heck, and the skill sets of the four, sometimes five Titans are always diminished in the name of the story. But I still love them. I liked 'em better when I was eleven. It’s just, as far as TT Year One goes, the original five are kinda portrayed not so much as geekier or teenagery, or even as goofballs, but as total idiots. And I object to that.

As I said before I thought the ending was rather abrupt as well. It felt like there was at least a couple of more pages but it just stops before then. Not to mention the whole antithesis arc could’ve been told in 4 issues since issues 4 and 5 were just filler. Hell they could’ve had the arc be the whole 6 issues but instead they just didn’t do that. Batman acting like a complete ass throughout the whole book only to then get what I assume was some sort of redeeming feature at the end was just jarring. I spent the whole book hating this take on him so I didn’t feel anything or care at this “he does care but doesn’t want to show it” bs. If he did care he would’ve apologized for smacking Robin senseless. I mean, Robin’s nose was bleeding!

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