Teen titans season 6 ??

I don’t know much abt this but I really hope it happens. They left teen titans with such a cliffhanger but it was still such a good show. If they do continue the series again I hope we get some more closure with Starr and Robin and MOST IMPORTANTLY find out what was in Robins freaking brief case

Anyways lmk what u guys know and or think abt this

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I’d watch season 6 if it happens, but I’m much more interested in a Teen Titans spinoff of Young Justice.


There isn’t a Season Six planned (as of yet), but the 2003 Teen Titans are returning in ‘Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans,’ a movie that’s actually getting its premiere this weekend at SDCC on Sunday.

Here’s the trailer:


If this does well, there’s always the possibility that TT will return for a Season Six.

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Oooo okay thank ya