Teen Titans Random Yet Horror-themed Watch-along — Saturday, October 24 @ 6:00PM PST/9:00PM EST

What?! You didn’t know this was random? Then check out @CassTheStreet’s #titans-together watch-alongs. But for now…

Yup, you read it right here, folks. Every Saturday for four months, we’ll watch some randomly-selected episodes of Teen Titans. This week is special since we are watching three episodes. Usually, we only watch two.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • The watch-along happens Saturday at 6:00PM PST/9:00PM EST.
    If you don’t know when that is, come back Saturday. I’ll post how long we have until the watch-along.
  • You can access the show right here on the app or on HBO Max.
    Just use a smaller device (:iphone:) to comment on this thread and a bigger device (:tv: or :computer:) to watch the episode.
  • Hit play on the first episode at 6:00PM PST/9:00PM EST.
    For the second episode, hit play at 6:30PM PST/9:30PM EST.
    For the third, hit play at 7:00PM PST/10:00PM EST.
    We aren’t usually up this late, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to watch the last episode.
  • We won’t skip the theme song, but we will have a break in between each episode.
    Each break lasts about six minutes. This allows enough time for a bathroom break, to get snacks, to get scared, etc.

The episodes for this week are as follows:

1. “Fear Itself” (Season 2, Episode 5)

Raven doesn’t do fear. Or at least, that’s what she wants you to think. But when a ghostly, unknown force starts hunting down the Titans one by one, Titans’ Tower turns into a house of horrors and even Raven gets rattled.

2. “Kole” (Season 5, Episode 6)

While in the Arctic Circle, the Teen Titans once again take on Dr. Light. And when an accident sends the Titans through the ice, they discover a new exotic underworld and two new superheroes, Kole and her caveman sidekick, Gnarrk.

3. “Transformation” (Season 2, Episode 7)

The beautiful alien Starfire has never thought much about her looks. But when a strange red bump appears on her forehead, Starfire becomes concerned. Raven tells her not to worry. It’s probably just a zit. Or is it?

What, were you expecting a different trio of scary episodes? Those are next week.
Get ready, because the watch-along for these episodes starts tonight!

Depending on the turnout and popular opinion, there might be more three-episode watch-alongs.

Each of these watch-alongs has been tagged with #ttrte-watch-along to make navigation easier.

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Two more nights, everyone!

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edited for clarity. and to let the following post stand as the countdown I like to post

Thanks for the heads up. I’m usually on top of that.

eighty-four minutes

forty-six minutes

My little tribble

Control Freak is surprsingly nimble for a couch potato

I like the switch from the fear faces to the laughing

one mouth at a time?

That’s a great Raven episode.

i think it’s just us…

:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again

:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now

Even Plasmus

Great Watch! Thanks for hosting

That was a great watch-along: triple the episodes but a third of the guests

After everyone is done trick-or-treating, look out for a new watch-along starting some time in November.

Speaking of November, Aqua has a trivia night in the middle of the month.

is there a watchalong tonight (31 Oct)?