Teen Titans/Legion: Universe Ablaze?

Is this series on the app? The search function for comics is pretty bad, omitting series and such. I cannot find this mini anywhere. The Titans/Legion 1 shot is buried in the midst of the Teen Titans series, which is a terrible place for it, but the mini is in no search results I can find. Any help?

Titans/Legion of Super-Heroes: Universe Ablaze is in the Comics section. Do a search for Titans/Legion and it should come up.

The Teen Titans/Legion Special is where it is as that’s it’s place in the publication order of the 2003-2011 volume of Teen Titans.

I think it’s fixed but be careful cuz it had issue 4 in the top slot when I read it so I read the finale 1st. I think it’s fixed now. Still a great mini.

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