Teen Titans Go >>>>>>Teen Titans

There I said it.


Nope. Teen Titans Go is a series of terrible gags and absolutely has no plot. The show is a joke.

I liked Teen Titans but I can’t stand Teen Titans Go.

I like them both. Go is hilarious.

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Go is really funny. But the original is way better

Ugh. Just thinking of TTG gives me a headache. Teen Titans is more sufferable than it’s replacement but not by much in my opinion.

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Short list of things I like about Teen Titans Go:

  1. It’s hilarious
  2. I can watch it with my kid
  3. I don’t have to watch the entire series to understand an episode. Each episode stands on its own.
  4. Starfire’s excessive use of “the”
  5. The hive
  6. Cyborg & Jinx
  7. Cyborg & Beastboy
  8. “Waffles Waffles Waffles!”
    I could keep going, but in summary this show is silly fun and I love it!

Everything @JLWWSM said.

My lil man LOVES TT Go! And literally everything @JLWWSM said are reasons why I also love the show - most specifically numbers 2-4!

Don’t get me wrong - If you were to ask me which was better, I’d for sure say Teen Titans.

But, hey. TTGo definitely has its merits. :smiley:

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Young Justice is the best Teen Titans show.

Young Justice is by far better than either if the TT shows.

I think JY is better than some of the live action shows.

Both toons are overrated as fu** but I’d have to with Teen Titans over GO.