Teen Titans anime-rican (2003 version) Comeback

mid-credits scene from Teen Titans Go! To the Movies featured the 2003 Titans’ return, in which Robin states they’ve “found a way back”.[16] In addition, voice actress Tara Strong announced on Twitter that Warner Bros. had told her and other cast members the 2003 series could be revived if the Teen Titans Go! movie “kicked all butts”.[17]
Later, Warner Bros. announced that a crossover featuring the Titans from both the TTG and original 2003 versions entitled Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titansset for release in 2019 was in the works."

Are any of you excited for a reboot or continuation for Teen Titans?


When I first saw that post credits scene, I was like “wth is this” but then I realized it was the original and I started FREAKING OUT!!! It would be amazing if they brought it back, especially since my continued existence relies on Season 6 of Teen Titans being created. SAVE SEASON 6



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