Insane. I can not believe DC is putting this out. Brilliant, idea. Every since we got that splash page that showed all the all the various vile twisted versions of DC characters, I have dreamed of some stories going deeper into the Dark Universe where everything goes wrong for beloved DC heroes or villains.

I thought the the Terrifics would show these tales. But this new October announcement has got me wondering stories I would want to see.

Wonder Woman who turns into Cheetah?

Evil Flashes taking out Zoom for good?

More evil Batmen?

Any other suggestions???



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The Killing Joke – What if The Joker crippled the Commissioner and tortured Barbara instead? After recovering from the ordeal, Barbara is…changed. She changes into Batwoman, but will she be a stronger, more militant hero…or a ruthless villain?

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It’s cool, but it seems like it’s rehashing “what if this character, but opposite?” a lot. Which is fine, but loses steam as a concept pretty quick in a comic universe that usually operates on a moral binary anyway.

I mean so Elseworlds so I love this idea as long as they leave the stories in the dark multiverse. And they use stories prior to New 52.
I think I read that The Killing Joke idea above is happening. It was in the Amazon listing for the hardcover.
If they want to go really dark, how about a JLI story where the makers of J’Onn’s favorite sandwich cookies goes out of business? Batman’s plan in Tower of Babel wasn’t stopped. No Man’s Land never ended. Probably a ton of Joker stories.
I wonder if Amalgam happened in TDM.


I miss Elseworlds not “I mean” Elseworlds

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I just looked up “The Killing Joke” on Amazon and didn’t see any new comics with it. You might be thinking of the novel adaptation by Christa Faust released earlier this year – which was a really good book, by the way.


I wasn’t too clear. It’s in the listing for the Tales of the Dark Multiverse hardcover. Because why not preorder before the first issue? Even though I did because you can get the preorder price guarantee and then just cancel before shipping if you change your mind.