Tales form the Dark Multiverse: Batman Hush

I have enjoyed the tales for the dark multiverse and own the first compilation tale via kindle. however, I really enjoyed this as I do not like hush (any incarnation) but I love this premise. really well a lot of these tales are pretty epic. I feel that this one in particular deserves an Offical Positive multiverse adaptation. Because there is just one thing that really got me…it’s little and maybe not so important but still, it really bugs me like an itch between your shoulder blades.

It’s just the fact that there was one essential character missing from this tale she has been around for 80 years and has starred in five solo series counting 263 books not including annuals and elseworld tails, she is the Big Bad Bats main love interest, was his only long-lasting in cannon wife in more than 7 of 52 multiverses kinda was not done right in the early days of New Earth nor at all in the New 52 (except possibly her time as a mob boss) is literally completely absent from this book, despite being present in 4 of the five new earth hush storylines. Yet Talia bruces ex-wife in the New earth timeline, who was only in about 9 pages of the original hush book, is only briefly married to Bruce Wayne in one of every 1 of 52 has never headed her own book yet she literally gets a panel in 6 pages in this yet, yet there is not so much as a stray cat(i looked no strays at all) to represent Catwoman in the entire dang book. The only time the word cat is even used is to reference a male cat burglar named Casey Callahan. -_- Just how the heck does that work that one of the main characters involved in 4 of the 5 original hush storylines does not make it into the dark multiverse book based on the first batman hush story…how does that work?

That does not make sense to me. True it’s the dark multiverse but to not have Catwoman in what has been books about the love between Batcat…not even having a single stray cat in it…ya

Well, at least we Batcat fans are getting a 12 issue limited Batman/Catwoman, black label book starting next month.
So what do you guys think should this be adapted into the multiverse as a longer elseworld limited series that has a less rushed plot…and Catwoman in it? Am I the only one who noticed the closest thing to Catwoman is a white-haired old man, am I over-analyzing this book and ranting and raging at the fact that there is no other hint of Catwoman in this dark multiverse adaptation of Batman: Hush as having Catwoman in this tale would transform it from Knightmare into a dream? :thinking: On the last one the answer is likely yes :grin:

PS: DC wiki lists Cassandra Cane as one of the outsiders…however that costume (page20-23) says spoiler aka Stephanie Brown to me. Also Cassandra would likely be working with Talia as part of the league of Asassons.

PS: Yet DC cant even get creative with the cat burglar and use one of the last names that Selina has used as a alias?