Sympathy for Robotman

In episode 4 of Titans we meet The Doom Patrol. As they all gather for dinner, Robotman asked Raven how her food tastes, wishing he could eat. Why couldn’t the doctor install a program to his human brain that simulates the sensation of eating and drinking. If the doctor was able to have him live in a robot body, he could add this feature to him. at least he can suffer a bit less.


i would imagine even if the doc gave his brain the sensation of eating and drinking, if you don’t have taste buds, it really wouldn’t do too much good. Maybe we’ll find out more once the series drops.

It’s part of his character tho, like Batman he’s internally suffering all the time. You need some characters like that they can’t all be happy go lucky. It makes people identify with them and commiserate with em, as u just did.

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