SyFy's doing a LOBO SPIN-OFF!!!!!

Hell yes!!!


Yes after just the little that we saw in first eps. of Krypton 2 I want more.


I guess I better check out Krypton. Feeling a twinge of hype bubbling inside me.


I’m so glad the DC SyFy show('s) are starting to get really popular. I can’t stomach the CW Soap Opera style any longer.


This is going to be absolutely BONKERS. I loved Krypton S1, and am totally down for spinoffs.


I still watch the Flash just because I’m a big flash fan. I bailed on arrow after the 3rd season. I watched Season 1 of LoT because I will watch anything with Vandal Savage. stopped after 2nd season though. Super Girl ah what can I say. I sat through the first season. It was one of the bravest moments of my life JK. I like super girl in comics and have 2 awesome sister, I’m all for women being in-powered but that show was a bit much for me. I will check out Bat Woman but I don’t care for the character in the comics really so I most likely won’t watch all of it unless its really good.

The Flash would be much better if it was just 10-12 eps. there is a lot of filler.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh BOY! This is great news!

Just think of all the characters that can guest star and where the stories can go, space dolphins, Dawg, etc.

Best DC TV news of the year so far!

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Part of me is like, “Fraggin’ hell yeah!”

The other part is like, “TV MA rated Lobo? damn.” DC should do a full-on R-rated Lobo movie. He’s their Deadpool on a much larger and darker scale, which would be AWESOME. I’m not a huge fan, and I don’t know if he has the comedic chops for it, but if he does, Jason Mamoa was wasted on Aquaman. He would make a great Lobo.

A healthy DC ecosystem is good news for all of us. DCU, CW, HBO, and SyFy each producing quality DC shows that fit their brand. Awesome :sunglasses:


Watching ep 2 right now (commercial break) it’s hilarious with Lobo. Wonder how,you structure a Lobo season

Got to say from what little we saw in episode 1 of season 2 seems they nailed him perfectly. Not at all how his voice sounded in my head, but other then that felt perfect.