🦌Sweet Tooth Season 2 Discussion Thread🦌

This threads to talk about Sweet Tooth season 2. All 8 episodes streaming now on Netflix.

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S2 was awesome™:+1:.

A more enclosed area this season which was cool. And some new stuff from the world. More secrets revealed with how Gus was made and why.

The doctor seems to be alone now. His wife left him as she’s off to live the rest of her life free. Nice for her.

Bear made up with the army which was nice. Cool seeing the last man process and views as she was undercover. But sadly lost the army but gained a sister which was nice. I think the guy she was with might come back as enemy​:thinking:.

Amy went to save her kids. And Wendy grew more for her family. Cool seeing all the other hybrids. Poor Peter​:cry:. Sad death at the end for her. But nice to see the other family return to look after the others.

Big Man’s secrets revealed. Did all that to still loose his family. But trying to change and being there for sweet tooth. Nice.

Abbet was a really cool villain. Saw the brothers betrayal coming but still a sad scene. When amy got him with the sick was great. He had an interesting plan for the cure but the woman he made a deal with seems to be worse. She probably would have double crossed him once she knew the cure herself. Interesting tease with her monstrous hybrids. Then he died believing he got Sweet Tooth.

Gus grew up this season. Came to accept his mom and dad. Made friends with other hybrids, lost a horn and seemed to speak to animals. Cool learning more about his mom. Nice message she gave him. Now they’re off to Alaska.

Overall a more action pack condones season that ended the last men story and started another. Hopefully there’s a season 3.


Yay for a season 3 and glad they can end there way.

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