Swap Thing News

What is going on with the rumors of Swamp thing getting canceled. If is true that is very bad news and with my year subconsciously almost over this dosen’t give me enough confidence to renew it. Please don’t I hope this rumors are not teuw

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So far, I’ve seen two uncredible sources claiming this to be true. The gww is one that I can’t open, but is not a trustworthy news outlet by any means. The other source is from a site called “Bloody Disgusting”. They say it’s “confirmed”, but if you actually read the article, it says that “Bloody Disgusting has confirmed…” not that it has been confirmed by DC or any other credible source.

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That is the only thing that has me on denial of this been true the sources are not reliable. But man is hard to be a DC fan now days with all the fake rumors and news going around. The comics Books they are making and awesome right now. I just hope that corporate doesn’t get too much in the way of DC Comics

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Yeah the sources aren’t credible in my opinion. I’m gonna wait and see whether any type of official announcement from either DC or DC Universe happens before getting up in arms over it.


Can someone deny this rumor because the longer this goes the more it’s going to fly.

All I see is one site claiming this without a source listed/ I feel that upper management needs to be more transparent.

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PR department is in over drive or they should be


Because if it is canceled they got to put a positive spin on it

Where the mods?

My guess is that if these media outlets aren’t making the argument out of thin air, they are misinterpreting information. Maybe there is a spinoff into Justice League: Dark?

Oh I would love for it to turn into JL dark

What in the hell is going on?

@YoYoFroYo I hope you right about a Justice League Dark spin off

What’s going on where are the mods? Where is our company announcement? What is dc doing right now?



Blame it on North Carolina.

WB is skipping SDCC also smh , very hard being a DC fan as of late…

I just canceled HBO.