Swamp Thing's Crystal Reed

One of the female stars of the upcoming SWAMP THING is Crystal Reed. She played Sophie Falcone on Gotham last season…and…I think this is great casting because I thought she was one of the best parts of the entire season. She can act AND has a unique attractive look. I’m glad to see her career remaining in the sphere of the DC UNIVERSE!!


She is so pretty! I was glad when it was announced she was cast because I liked her in Gotham

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Idk she was announced for Swamp thing thanks for the heads up, she is smoking hot and great as Sofia Falcone-molto bello.

She was the best female character on Gotham last season.

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I came here to say I loved her as Sophia Falcone but you all beat me to it!

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lol Super late to the Sophia Falcone party, but yes! She’s pretty awesome in Gotham. I think she’ll be amazing in Swamp Thing!