Swamp Thing

I just found out that Swamp Thing has been cancelled. This is a crazy mistake. This series is so cool!!! I love the scary feeling it has and the characters in it! The actors are great and the character development in it has so much potential! How can we keep this series going?!?! I get it, it’s not really a super hero feel but that’s actually what I like about it.

I also am greatly enjoying the series thus far. Props to everyone who worked on it and gave it their all!! It’s sad that it won’t continue, but I definitely see this becoming a classic. Being this early in the series and with it already having such high quality, to me, speaks volumes about the talent involved. Most series pilots are still trying to find their footing, and a lot of times the whole first season can be off, but Swamp Thing started excellently. I easily see this becoming DCU’s Firefly, one season beloved by everyone.

All that being said, I do still have my fingers crossed for a mini miracle :wink: