Swamp Thing - Why did it get cancelled?

I admittedly didn’t know very much about the Swamp Thing before the show, but I have grown to really enjoy the series. I personally think that the show is one of the best, if not the best, of the live action shows they have. I’ve seen the others but this is one that genuinely captures attention and gives more minor characters more representation. It was disheartening to hear that it was being shut down.

Someone had mentioned that maybe the CGI was expensive but the Krypton sets look way more expensive to the untrained eye. Not sure why they’re pulling this and moving forward with an Alfred show quite honestly. Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge as to why it is being shut down?

Agreed. I absolutely LOVE this show. I’m a lifelong fan of Swamp Thing. I was so excited. Hearing its cancelled makes me very sad.


Who is this “They”?
Epix is paying for the production of “Pennyworth” like ScyFy did with Krypton. They have nothing to do with DCU Originals content.