Swamp Thing VS ____________

I am new to all things Swamp Thing; movies, series, comics, etc. and I LOVE IT!! I am such a huge new fan of his!

I was wondering who would win in a fight and why, Swamp Thing or:

  1. Poison Ivy

  2. Killer Croc

  3. Man Thing (MARVEL)

If you think of other great match ups, throw them into the ring!

He has both defeated and befriended Ivy and Croc at various times. I think he’s definitely defeat Man-Thing, but it would be a helluva fight.

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He’s my all-time favorite character, so I’ve been thinking of new fights for him to have for a long time. Here are my top picks:

Mister Bloom

I’d also like to see him have some sorta “battle” with The Black Mercy.

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