Swamp Thing Got Canceled...But

So swamp thing got cancelled and I was upset . I was more upset when they took Tom King of batman. But was relieved when I heard about the upcoming batman catwoman series. And that gave me hope. Even though the series was cut short. It gave me hope that the show goes on. And there will be more and more. That’s one of the things I love about reading comics. They fill me with hope and heroism. Because deep down we want to be a hero. If only for a moment. So DC cancels swamp thing but there’s hope for something better down the road. I don’t know what it is. But be patient. It’s a little sad at the moment to be honest. But I love my superheroes. Swamp thing got cancelled but I will continue to binge read DC comics not only because I enjoy it. Because for me reading comics has literally been life changing. Swamp thing got cancelled but DC has more comics than I can probably read in a lifetime. Different stories and styles that fit different needs. So I’am happy customer. Swamp Thing got cancelled but I will continue to be positive and not a pessimist. And people will always hate. It’s in our nature to get upset with things that don’t meet our agendas. But if you continue to lash out like an angry Ex girlfriend. Maybe Batman and Superman is not for you! Maybe 50 shades of drama is right up your alley with all that nonsense.


Thank you. That was nice.


That’s right. The S stands for hope, not Swamp Thing. Thanks for this.


ChillyBilly knows the score!!!


We will have another 8 episodes of Swampy, and, while I’m disappointed at not getting 13, I’m thankful for what we’re getting, a beautifully made, original and very scary show.

Be PATIENT. It’s still early days for the DCU. Marvel has been doing their app for 20 years.

We have the DC Trinity, wonderful animation, tens of thousands of classic comics, and I’m getting more than my money’s worth.

In other words, I’m SO glad I subscribed, and will stay here as long as DCU is up, which I predict will be a long time.


We’ve gotta bump up this sizzling plate of positivity!

Thank you for seeing the bright side of things.

I was bummed to hear the news about the show, myself, but I’m glad we got it in the first place. Think about it; within the span of eight months we got Titans, the return of Young Justice, Doom Patrol and now Swamp Thing. And they’ve retooled the tenth episode so that we at least get an ending. Not only that, but people are enjoying Swamp Thing even with all the news and drama that’s come out of it. That says something.

We have the rest of Young Justice coming up (which I’m very excited for), we’ve got another season of Titans coming our way, the Harley Quinn animated series and Stargirl. And that’s just what we know about! Imagine the announcements next month.

The point is, while this week has been a bummer and a slog to fight off those chicken littles who kept crying the sky is falling and this app is doomed, it goes on because despite people like that, there are still those of us who are enjoying the comics, who are watching the movies and shows and people who have a genuine love of DC. I always say this app gives us a wealth of content, but I should also say how lucky we are to have this content in the first place.

chilybilly87 this is a great topic and thanks for bringing some much needed rationale and positivity to this board!