Swamp Thing getting cancelled ?

Has DC gone mad? Swamp Thing is awesome.


Yeah what’s the deal, this is a big reason I bought the service

Idk nobody checks the watchtower…



We’re still getting the first season. Maybe the show just ended up being too expensive for the amount of viewers/subscriptions it pulled to warrant a second season.

We understand that these rumors are upsetting so wanted to offer some information and clarification. What I would suggest is checking out our official statement concerning Swamp Thing on our Watchtower thread here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/swamp-thing-update-2

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, please do let us know there. We’re working to consolidate all of the information we have in one place, to avoid confusion.

Swamp Thing is why I just signed up for the service, what’s the deal, have you gone absolutely insane. The pilot episode is awesome.


Please don’t cancel this show! I was on the fence after just seeing episode one but I just watch episode two and dag nabbit, I want more!!! Not just the rest of this season either, more!!!

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Swamp thing was why I joined!!! WTF!!!

@bluekid And you’re still getting the same amount of Swamp Thing you were promised: one season. They never said there would be a season two, so I’m assuming you didn’t sign up for a second season, right?

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Very disappointed. Joined last week for swamp thing and loved it. Kind of salty this is happening.