Swamp Thing - Final Episode/Series Review & Discussion

It’s a sad day in the swamp. The final episode of Swamp Thing is here. Let’s go over it.

First, some questions that aren’t THAT important, like…what happened to Susie? I might have forgotten what happened to her, but it felt like she had a strong connection to Swamp Thing that I felt could have been explored more. Also, what’s with the Blue Devil comics? Is Blue Devil a comic character in this show’s universe that got a movie and now Daniel can turn into him? Not sure how I feel about that. Anyway, back to the episode.

Start with Maria. Her time in this episode is fairly brief, but I guess it is some closure. All though I admittedly don’t understand why Xanadu thought that allowing her to see the ghost of her daughter in a mental institute would help her. But, again, it is some sort of closure for her.

The Avery/Cable plotline more or less went how I thought it would for the most part. That’s not saying it was bad, I enjoyed it. But nothing I didn’t expect. Well…Avery did cough up what looked to be a leaf or part of a plant. What does that mean? I honestly don’t know what that implies. Even he says “what the f***?”

So, Daniel is now free to leave town, but I don’t know what his destiny is. Honestly, this is probably due to the fact that they cancelled the series, but his future has a lot of questions that I guess now will never be answered.

The Abby/Woodrue plotline was appropriately creepy and disturbing. I had always imagined Jason’s story will lead to a moment like this, but it is still fairly exciting to see it unfold. More on him in a little bit.

Now, Swamp Thing had the best scenes, moments, and quotes in the entire episode, no dispute. Some great action, an intense confrontation with Nathan, and some emotional dialogue between Swamp Thing and what I can only describe as the ghost of Alec Holland. Finally, we get a reunion with Abby and the two show us more of that great chemistry and we end on some beautiful shots…

…and now the post credits scene! It is the reveal that Jason Woodrue has finally made the transformation into the Floronic Man! Now, the fact that it has finally happened and we get to see it is great! But I will get nit picky here. He looks too much like Swamp Thing. I have always scene him as being something made mainly out of tree bark, with some patches of green plants over his body. But fundamentally, he was more of a tree bark creature. Again, this is me being nit picky, but just putting it out here.

Now, the series in general. Was it perfect? Admittedly, no. A couple of moments that were too slow, a couple of decisions that I didn’t completely agree with. But it was beautiful in terms of visuals, amazing performances from Abby and Swamp Thing/Alec Holland (yes, I mean both actors), and a great gothic atmosphere to match.

Now, tell me your thoughts on this final episode, and on the show in general!

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Abby caused more harm than good to those around her.
Jason’s transmutation seems to mirror Hulk/Abmination type conflict but without Season 2 its moot point.

Obviously, at that point, I take it because it’s at least one more cool thing to see happen on screen (Jason’s transformation). And don’t diss Abby like that man, there are others to blame

Im seriously sad this show didnt run longer. IT was starting out to be really awesome.


I am very happy with what happened to abby, alec/swamp thing and blue devil in the finale since they all seem to come to terms with who they are now and who they want to be with. I also liked the swamp thing fight scene and the appearance of floronic man. Also while some scenes could have used some work if you considered how rushed they had to feel while making the finale I think they did a very decent job in tying together some loose ends.

A lot of the complaints was of some of the storylines such as Blue Devil and more, I feel or would of been fixed if we had a season 2, 2 rumors I heard

  1. It was cancelled cause the company didn’t like the amount of money DC was spending and thought it best to get rid of it, that backfired show has amazing reviews

  2. The show was to go on for 3 seasons and a fourth spin off season with justice league dark, perhaps we’ll see a Constantine or Zatanna show and Swampy will be resurrected… again

Loved this show!


I really enjoyed the show. Visuals and sets were amazing!

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Swamp Thing mini series would be cool. Eight one hour episodes with the same cast and sets to add on the story and tie it up also. We could have seen more Woodrue as the Floronic Man in season one had they let the show run its full season order.