Swamp Thing Episode Review - The Price You Pay

I will try and keep away from most spoilers, but there is one thing I will have to mention. All though, it is technically only confirming information we discovered last episode so I’m not sure if it counts as a spoiler. But in case it does, you’ve been warned.

I wasn’t expecting a chase/action scene right at the beginning, but we got it. It’s actually pretty cool, and Swamp Thing does this little trick that’s pretty awesome to watch. That’s all I have to say regarding him right now, but we’ll circle back.

We finally get information regarding how the deal Cassidy made came to be. It is with a stranger, but it doesn’t appear to be the Phantom Stranger. I’m not that familiar with Cassidy/Blue Devil, but I know his origin includes demon deals, so I’m guessing this stranger is some sort of demon or similar entity. Anyway, he starts of seemingly in a coma due to the attack at the end of the last episode, but of course he more or less recovers. Now, Woodrue believe he is responsible because he tested a drug that he synthesized from a sample that Abby got from the swamp. But due to the fact that Blue Devil is a straight-up supernatural character, it is difficult to get a good grasp on just how he came out of his coma. But I’m sure it will be made clear soon.

Sheriff Cable confronts her son Matt about the fact that the person she killed last episode said he saw Matt kill Alec Holland. Matt doe sin fact confirm this information. Why? The specifics aren’t terribly important, but of course Avery paid Matt to do so. When he goes into the swamp to look for the thing that a couple said said attacked them, he comes across Swamp Thing and Abby who went to check on him and find out why he attacked a couple of people (they were hired by Avery to retrieve him).

It doesn’t seem that Swamp Thing has figured out that Matt killed him, despite him discovering that new ability from last episode. Matt for now promises Abby he won’t say anything about him (all though that might have been a lie). As Abby and Swamp Thing talk at the end, he is worried that if he looks more into The Green, he might lose more of himself. The scene they choose to end on is surprising, but also kind of nice too.

This episode was roughly 42 minutes long, and I thought that was the perfect length. It kept the focus on the things it should have and was consistently intense and engaging. Now of course, now that we are over halfway through, people are going to start wondering just how this show will end.

Now, I can’t confirm that I’ve heard this correctly, but it might shed a light. Derek Mears - the actor that actually plays Swamp Thing under the make up - has said that after they got word that the show was cancelled that the writers wrote a script for the last episode(s) that found a way to tie things up. AGAIN, I can’t completely confirm this because I might have heard or remember this incorrectly, but there is a chance this show will actually have proper ending. But be prepared in case I’m wrong about this.

Otherwise, I enjoyed this episode. And as usual, I am left very intrigued by what possible direction they will go in the next episode.

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