Swamp Thing Episode 8 Thoughts

So apparently while getting ready to wow us with the SDCC news (and a season 2 of Doom Patrol conformation… woth any cost). So I thought I would give my thoughts on my own thread of the latest episode.

First the good, and there was definitely some. I liked the scenes with Sunderland in the swamp. The backstory with his father added some nice depth to the character finally, and him losing his father to the weirdness of the swamp was a nice twist. And Will Patton performed it amazingly.

I enjoyed the scene with Swamp Thing and Sunderland, their first meeting since Alec became Swamp Thing so that defenitely felt like a big moment. I also found it interesting that when Sunderland went to see Woodrue he seemed to genuinely be there to try and find a way to cure Alec and pay him back, and even seemed to hesitate when Woodrue basically said they shoudn’t and showed his true colors. He then reverted back to greed and glory, no surprise, but it was a nice way of showing there may be a human being underneath the monster we have come to know.

Sadly for the rest of the episode I was not as impressed. The pace and story seemed to have picked up the last couple episodes. But we were back to the soap opera and boring CDC stuff that has not been engaging me and dragged the episodes down for me. I won’t lie and say before Swampy finally showed up I was getting bored. I have defended that for their budget not showing more of Swamp Thing is probably a neccessity to make th show work, but it seemed they had gotten better at compensating but back to their usual problems this time.

I also wish they would give us an update on Blue Devil. It feels like they dropped the ball on the most interesting storyine of the show right as it was getting good. With 2 episodes left I am starting to fear the show cut back the number of episodes before they could properly pay that off. Really hope I am wrong.


Hit send too soon but just wanted to say all and all after the last couple good episodes this was sadly a return to underwhelmed that I have been most episodes. I am wanting to know where we are going as we near the end. But right now just sort of “ok but nothing great” with some really good moments sprinkled in as usual.

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I am a fan of Will Patton, he is a terrific actor. The more Will Patton the better.

I will say I loved the fight scene where Sunderland and his men confront Alec. Overall I will agree that the series had a great start that it hasn’t quite matched since. It’s still been interesting enough for me to watch the series through.


Will Patton is amazing, i’ve seen him in Falling Skies too.

…but nobody wants an Avery Sunderland show, and that’s what we keep getting, unfortunately…he’s ok, but only as a side character. This just felt so much like a re-write or a total filler episode, which we can’t afford with only two left! Why, after the last episode, where Holland sends Abby away and wants to be part of something greater with the green, and grow, does he shift immediately to Avery and the hope of being human again? It makes no sense, and sends the story backwards again…agghhh, I really want this show to get back the earlier vibes, but now they have to cram so much.

Why didnt the show just let Avery succumb to the rot or something, and let it advance? There’s no time for all of these new evil business characters, or more fake conversations with Avery and the police chief about their relationship? I hate having to talk about dumb Avery instead of Swampy or Blue Devil or Abby.

I think, originally, they were building towards a cliff hanger with lots of dangling plot threads.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more apparent, the show was canceled for good reason. It’s simply not that good. I was very excited about this show; probably more than all the others. But it’s been a pretty huge letdown.

Nu52 and I talked about it on the Fans of DC Universe Podcast but we found the side characters are more interesting than the rest of the story. It’s not bad, it’s just not the same. The high was probably Episode 5 or 6. The last two episodes have forgotten Liz, Madame Xanadu, and Daniel. If I had to guess the cutting of the episodes trimmed those plots so that the story could get to an end. Of course that is problematic because there is SO much to dangle.