Swamp Thing Cancelled? Thanks for nothing

I got a subscription for Swamp Thing, but it was cancelled after the first episode!? I have cancelled my subscription. WOW!!


The show will continue until episode 10.


You got this service for one show?

Did you also buy a house because you liked only one of the rooms?


I once bought a house because I liked the toilet


I also got this for titans and Swamp Thing they made it where you could only get the content from them and if you have the disposable income why not. That being said big time bummer for canceling swamp thing. I liked the episode I checked out

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I get people being disappointed, but if they liked the pilot they still got 10 more episodes to go. Seems weird to give up and not even watch them regardless. Even if it ends on a cliffhanger that doesn’t change if it was a fun ride getting to it. And given what we know now about the production problems Swamp Thing clearly knew they might very well be a one and done so it may not end on one. Or it may end like Doom Patrol a more or less satisfying ending even if it never gets a season 2. I mean it’s their money so can’t tell them how to spend it. But if they are cancelling now it means they got the montly service, it’s only 16 dollars to watch the rest of the show. I mean no one promised them a 5 year run.


I cancelled mine too. Hey look executives I can cancel things too… bye!!!

I don’t understand people cancelling now. I get people cancelling after the show ends since they now have nothing they personally look forward to, but if they were so excited for the show why not stay and watch it until it’s over?


I’m going to stick around until it’s over. Then I’m out. At the moment I don’t even know if Doom Patrol is getting a second season. Titans and Young Justice aren’t what kept me around. Doom Patrol did that. Swamp Thing would have as well. Without that, there’s no reason to continue giving DC Universe my money after I’m done with episode 10 of Swamp Thing.


I am disappointed that the executives canceled Swamp Thing. I’m definitely enjoying the suspense feel of the show. I will continue to watch to the end but I’m definitely disappointed. They need to do a magic-based equivalent and capture the suspense/thriller mood.


Seems to me if you just want to watch the shows, you should sign up for like a month a year then cancel. You can watch whatever you want in that month and catch up.

Personally, it’s mostly about the comics for me. The shows are a nice treat sometimes. I watch them mostly out of curiosity, but I read at least a comic a day which would cost at least $33 in real life.

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It’s a streaming service!!! Streaming. I’ll admit I read more comics now that I have the service, but i came for original content. Doom Patrol is one of the best shows available anywhere. Swamp Thing started out well.

If anything the original live action shows have shown that DC/WB should invest in presenting heroes on the small screen.


i just seen ep. 2 of SWAMP THING!..man they are crazy if the cancelled it …IT WAS GOOD AND SCARY! I LOVE IT! DUMB WB DECISION messing DC HEROES UP BAD!


They should invest in putting heroes on the small screen? They have six shows based on DC comics on WB, just ended Gotham, plus Luthor and Preacher. I love the DCU programs don’t get me wrong, but I don’t get everyone acting like DC never puts their characters on TV screens. Or like this is some final one up of Marvel on the TV screens. Marvel has nothing on DC on TV. They have legend of Sheild, Cloak and Dagger and Runaways and betting half are wondering if the last 2 are still on. Why does everyone default to “Marvel does it better”. I mean what was the last superhero show Marvel did that wasn’t a joke before Sheild? The Incredible Hulk? And I had to go back around 40 years to get that one.

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