So anyone else would LOVE a Supersons animated series? I feel like it would be a great addition to the lineup and introduce characters to a new generation of kids.


I was thinking potentially an animated movie. But that idea sounds good too. I can’t wait for the service to start making more kid friendly things.


A movie would be great too! But I was thinking they needed another series ala young justice or Harley Quinn. I’d be nice to introduce Jon and Damian as a dynamic duo lol


I’m for almost all. JSA animated series WW, JLD etc. I know there’s movies for some, but JLD, even with a movie seems like it’s not getting the full use out of it. Same with JSA, there’s so many characters & platforms they could work with it could almost write itself & be great. WW is a no brainer. Super Sons would be sweet b/c you have the whole Bats & Supes angle. However, u also have Ra’s & Talia, Lois, Batcow (lol), all kinds of places they could spin off too. Even cross em over with Teen Titans. So, yeah, I’d definitely watch that.


By kid friendly you mean?

I would love that


Kid friendly, as in a drop from the regular rating. I assume that’s what that means. As in more kid friendly content, instead of the many blood splatters and killings in YJ. Some of the stuff that happens in the new shows has not been appropriate for kids. Even YJ handles some very mature topics. I imagine a kids show would or could be something similar to the level of Teen Titans 2004 or maybe something on the level of JL Action. I kid friendly show like DC Superhero Girls, might be a bit to much. But from what I’ve seen of that show, it is rather entertaining.

Yeah, kid friendly as in like Young Justice or Teen Titans. Nothing like Teen Titans go! I just mean in the sense that a new generation could get introduced to these characters. But if DC went more mature I’d love it too. I honestly just think a Supersons show could be great for DC. As well as an Injustice based show lol


For Adult-directed animated series I’d like to see
Rogues (based on Flash’s Rogues Gallery)

For less explicit series
Set in present day but with Flashback episodes that help tell the backstories of some of the older threats like ultra-humanity etc…)

Justice League Legacy
Wally West Flash, Kyle Rayner and Connor Hawke team up with former Titans Dick Grayson Batman, Donna Troy and Garth/Tempest to be a Justice League for the Future (Major villains include Abra Kadabra, Blockbuster, Major force, The Monkey cult, Charybdis, among others)

DC animated shorts some which are simply one-off stories others that serve as pilots for future series.

I’d love to see injustice on screen, I do think it would be better as movies. Maybe 2 like the death and reign of Superman they just did?

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I’m hoping we see supersons on the new Lois and Clark show on the CW but love your idea of an animated version. It would definitely get kids into it! I know the have them super hero girls animated show and this could be another one to get kids into it, probably not focused, and could tie in with their other animated properties on right now. The comics were so fun and I’d love to see that on screen!

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I hope that whenever Young Justice ends, it gets a spin-off of the Bat-Family