📺 Superpowered: The DC Story: Opinions, Reactions and Thoughts, Oh My 📺

What’d we think of the latest all-encompassing DC documentary that recently (July 20th, to be precise) debuted on Max?

As a big fan of DC, Leslie Iwerks, Rosario Dawson (the narrator of the piece) and quality documentaries, I thought this series was absolutely wonderful.

While much of it was material I was already intimately familiar with, I did learn two new things:

:00_wonder_woman_stars:. Writer and artist Phil Jimenez made a last-minute change to Wonder Woman v2 #175 in the wake of 9/11.

A change that he understandably was very emotional about, especially since DC was hesitant to go with it at first, but ultimately did and they were all the better for standing by Jimenez.

:wonderwoman: Joelle Jones looked nothing like I thought she would and, upon putting a face and voice to the name, I’m an even bigger fan of hers, now.

So, what do you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: think of Superpowered: The DC Story?

Also: What’s your favorite behind the scenes documentary about DC?


I’ve only seen episode 1 so far. It was OK. Good. I was disappointed, though, that there was no mention whatsoever of Gardner Fox. They talked about the introduction of the Justice Society and the multiverse, but didn’t even utter his name. They pretty much solely credited the creation of the multiverse to Julius Schwartz, which is demonstrably false. Odd.


The New Frontier has a great one where Dan Didio in particular gives plenty of great insight.

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Apparently Mark Waid never heard of Atlas.


Along with Patty Jenkins, he was my favorite contributor to the overall piece.

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So far Jim Lee’s contribution is the only one I think is any good.


It’s on Max already? I’ll have to check it out! :face_with_monocle::nerd_face:



'Tis! The whole three-part shebang debuted on the 20th.

Did I watch it as soon as it dropped and from start to finish?

Mebbe. :smirk:



Finished episode 1 and this is not good. It is a long and drawn out DC for dummies with many basic descriptions by actors and bad transitions.

In today’s world I can just find many youtube videos way better than this. Hopefully episodes 2 and 3 are better.


First of all, I accidentally created my own thread without checking to see if one already exists. So sorry about that! That thread is now gone.

But as for the series, I thought overall it was pretty good.


No worries. :slight_smile:

However, its always a good idea to check if a thread covering a topic you want to discuss exists before you post your thread, so as to avoid any potential redundancy. :superman_hv_4:

Did you learn anything new from it, or was it just a refresh of already-known topics and such?

Also, what was your favorite part/point of discussion?


I feel like this is a good example of a Documentary where it does have little seeds of the harsher truth behind some of their decisions and history, but you need to do your own research to track down what that is. For example, I liked seeing Milestone Media in this. But it is clear they left out why exactly they shut down back jn the 90s. Hell, just check out the Milestone Generations 50 minute special on Max that provides more info on them back then.

Chances are if this was a more indie made Docu series, we would get a lot more behind the scenes info we wouldn’t get from one made by the company itself like this. But it was still cool seeing some of these people and characters being talked about.


A wonderful documentary.

A pity that it couldn’t have been longer, but for what we got, it was wonderful.


I think the transitions should have been linear. It seems to just jump from 1940s to 2010s to 1970s on a whim.

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It is on a whim in some cases, as it was comparing and contrasting certain things from then to how they are now and vice versa.


That overly short and favorable description of Making Superman just felt wrong.

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Got to label young Frank Miller. Nobody recognizes him without his hat.

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The Death of Superman part is awful. They present it as everything is good and sales are booming then all of the suddenly. “Fans have let Superman down. Fans have killed him. It is not our fault, the fans did it. Do it again and we are slaughtering more heroes. That guy has not bought a Superman comic book in 30 years so he killed Superman.”

News flash, people age out of fandoms, people get families and can no longer support them, people lose interest in new parts of it. You the creators have the job of getting a stream of new fans in over a period of decades. If you cannot do that then that is on you.

So no Carlin, you killed Superman. Accept it.

After that I really have no interest in part 3.


To a mild extent, I’m inclined to agree with Carlin as he knows his Superman.

If fans don’t support something, they really shouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being taken away, even if only for a relatively short amount of time.

Its like people who cried about Toys R Us when their domestic operations ceased in 2018.

Yeah, you shopped there as a kid and that was great, but…how often did you shop there in the last few years before they went OOB in the U.S.?

Oh, never?

You weren’t supporting them when they were in business in recent years, so why does their end even matter to you?

Fans need to accept their end of responsibility in their fandoms, because they can indeed be wrong at times, while the professionals that make the things they allegedly love can indeed be right.

You made it this far, may as well finish it up.

After all, maybe something in part 3 will make up for things you haven’t liked so far.

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Fault of people buying them and using them as collateral.

Because they are not children anymore. It is Toys R Us’s job to get the new children to shop there.

Giving up on times like this helped me solve my completionist problem. Amy Ferrah Fowler would be proud of me.