Superman: Time And Time Again

Superman: Time And Time Again is not on the app as a storyline. I’m guessing they’re saving it for another movie or show? Or am I missing something?

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Your guess is as good as mine on the movie/show thing, but there is still quite a few stories not on here. There is a boat load that are but some either still sell well or have yet to be digitize.


@TomEL-737 The entirety of Time and Time Again isn’t available in the digital format.

The issues of it that are available in digital are:

-Adventures of Superman #476 (part I)
-Superman (1987-2006) #54 (part III)
-Adventures of Superman #477 (part IV)
-Superman #55 (part VI)
-Adventures of Superman #478 (part VII)

Not available in digital:
-Action Comics #663 (part II)
-Action Comics #664 (part V)


THANKS! For me at least, a category of Storylines that are at least 75% complete would be welcome. But I’m sure plenty would complain. Again, THANK YOU.