Superman: TAS HD?

Are there any plans to upgrade Superman: TAS to HD/blu ray like they did Batman: TAS?


I hope so.


That’s so weird, I was about to make a thread asking this exact question! I have been wondering why they haven’t released Superman TAS on Blu-ray for a while now. I’ve been holding off on buying the DVDs because I know as soon as I do DC will announce they are releasing a limited deluxe Blu-ray edition! That actually happened to me with Batman Beyond. I bought the complete series DVD box set at Wal-Mart for $40 and then a week or so later they announced the BR deluxe edition. I ended up selling the DVDs on eBay for like $25 I think.

I never did buy the Superman series on DVD because I didn’t like how the discs were double sided, having some episodes on “Side A” then flip over the disc and “Side B” had the remaining episodes. Then when they released a box set I thought maybe they would have fixed it but nope it still had the double sided discs, I think that box set said 7 Disc Set on the front. They re-released the box set a few years ago, this new one says 6 Disc Set on the front and I’m pretty sure the discs are fixed/single sided. I still don’t want to buy that one though because I just know if I do they will release a Blu-ray set shortly after! Especially since DC/Warner Bros. have been releasing a bunch of older animated series on Blu-ray lately. Legion of Superheroes was a complete shock to me (in a good way) when that was released on Blu-ray! And they finally got around to releasing seasons 2-5 of Teen Titans on BR. I think Superman should have been released on BR right after BTAS or at least after Beyond.

And I CAN NOT BELIEVE they would release Legion of Superheroes on Blu-ray but they didn’t release Harley Quinn on BR, only DVD!?!?! Especially since it’s streaming in 4K!!! Not to mention it’s what? 15+ years newer than Legion and I’m sure it’s waaay more popular and more liked too! Don’t get me wrong I like Legion and of course I bought it but come on DC/Warner what is the logic behind releasing that show,which I didn’t even know existed until about 3 years ago, but not one of your most popular streaming shows!?

OP sorry for rambling on and kinda veering off topic a little bit! But that just aggravates me about no HQ on BR. And now that all the shows are moving to HBO Max I would like to have a good physical copy of HQ because I will not be joining HBO Max, I’m subscribed to enough streaming services as it is.