Superman: Son of Kal-El - The Future of DC Arrives

Surprised that I haven’t seen loads posted about Jonathan Kent’s new series. I am super excited about this title and enjoyed the first issue (destined to be a collector’s item).

This is what DC needs to do–move onto the next generation of heroes. When Earth-2 came out, I thought it had possibilities to bring in a new set of heroes (and fans), but the stories just didn’t measure up. I always thought an Earth-Z dimension in which Clark, Bruce, Diana and the group had died/retired and in which a new group of young heroes had taken up their mantles would be fantastic. New characters with different abilities, different personalities and an evolving mythos is needed to keep the brand fresh and bring in younger readers; hoping that this is where DC is headed.


Man, I really need to catch up. I wasn’t really in to the aging up of Jonathan, but this could be fun. Curious to see where it goes.

Love your idea of an Earth-Z reality. Kind of like Earth-12 (Beyond) or Earth-16 (Me), but a bit further in to the future, without the huge cultural change around them?

Agree that new characters is needed to evolve the mythos and bring in new readers (as well as to keep us old folks from seeing the same stories over and over with different writers). I’m sure the classic Trinity and others will stick around or return soon, as appropriate, but it’s nice to see the evolution of the other characters. Looking forward to seeing how they coexist in the year-or-two-from-now publishing lineup.


After reading issue 1 after not being sure about the series, I am excited for issue 2. This had humor, action, and most important, it felt like it was coming form the right place.


I don’t really like that DC’s characters haven’t really aged since 2008, and I think there are a few different models they could follow:

The “real” model, where time moves forward naturally starting now;

The DC One Million model, where time moves forward naturally and time travel allows the older characters to help with the challenges of today;

The DC: Future State model, where each writer can basically pick anywhere in time and space;

Or the Star Wars model, with three or four different “present” eras that each move forward in real time.


Not saying I want the Trinity to disappear–but I would like a “universe” (in a different dimension) where time does run concurrently with ours and new people accept the mantle, heroes actually die and you don’t need the consistent “Rebirths” that have become common place affecting every character.