Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam

Hi guys.

I recently watched the Superman/Shazam short movie along with the following short movies (The Spectre, Green Arrow, and Jonah Hex) on the streaming service. I came to the forums only to be surprised that these short films aren’t being discussed despite having just recently appeared on the streaming service.

Did you like all 4 short movies? Which did you like best? Was there anything you did not like about any of the short films? Please share your opinions because I love discussion and debate.


Of the original four, I loved them all. The Spectre was a nice nod to seventies television and films while honoring those 70’s Spectre stories. Jonah Hex was really well done. It felt like a short film. Green Arrow took me by surprise with its style and how fun it was. Not since Die Hard 2 has airport action been so entertaining. I loved The Return of Black Adam. Before Shazam came out in theatres and even after, I’d point people to this Showcase short if they wanted to know more about the characters.


When did they make it to the service? I had asked about those ages ago.

All three were top notch. If I had to pick 1 of the 3, I’d say Jonah Hex was the best. It has the best flow and pacing. Although the Phantom Stranger is really great.


I like them all, but my absolute favorite has been the one focused on Neil Gaiman’s Death that came with Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. I’ve been waiting forever to see that character given the spotlight on-screen, and they knocked it out of the park.

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I haven’t watched these in a pretty good while but I loved them when they came out. My favorite parts were the three non-titular stories especially the Spectre, that character totally deserves more attention.