Superman series on the cw

Rumor has it elseworld could be A backdoor pilot for Superman cw bosses will be watching to see how many viewers it gets I have been waiting for a live action superman series ever since smallville ended and don’t give me that crap Tom welling should be Superman u never wanted to put on tights so stop I think the guy doing it now has been good


I like Tyler’s Superman. They’ve used so many of his villains on Supergirl, it would definitely be interesting to see who they would use for the Superman show and how many crossovers would happen between Supergirl and Superman.

I think from what is going around elseworlds could merge all of the shows on the same earth

I think a superman show is overrated. I can barely stay interested in Supergirl as is. Krytonians are the Noob Sybots of tv and comics, just a spam ass character. It’s been hard as is trying to keep the plot thick in Flash

Alright then just don’t watch. I stopped watching Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl long ago. I like Tyler’s Superman though and so it’s a hell yeah for me


Superman is my favorite superhero, but we don’t really need a Superman show - Supergirl really covers that territory. I’d rather see Superman get the feature film he deserves. How hard is it to make a hopeful superhero film? DC thinks that everything should be Batman-toned. That’s a mistake.

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If superman comes to cw again, what stories will they tell for supergirl?

I’d probably watch it no matter what but i think I’d prefer it be a Netflix or amazon only show, someone with $ that won’t cancel it. Would prefer anyone but cw doing it to be honest.

Wouldn’t mind a superman series as long as it is nothing like Supergirl but tbh give me man of steel 2 with Henry cavil and a solo batman film by the end of 2020 please WB if you got to recast Ben with a younger actor please do it fast.

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Tyler’s Superman was pretty good. He’s definitely no Cavill and Tyler’s version totally works for tv.

That being said he is one of the weaker versions of Big Blue, but I guess I’ll be OK with this.

Make his show an original show on here

Tom welling should be Superman,he was excellent in Smallville and left me wanting more when Smallville ended after season 10,he looked natural in the suit and I would love to see him back even if it was for another tv series.

Tyler is an amazing Superman and would love it if he got his own show