Superman Pre-new52 canon?

I’ve finally gotten caught up with all the Superman and Action Comics titles since New52. What is now considered Superman’s canon origin? Birthright? Aside from the Death of Superman story, what are some other pre-New52 story arcs that are considered canon? Thanks.

It’s complicated.

I know you said that you have read New 52, but have you read Rebirth?

Starting with Lois and Clark, the pee 52 Superman, his wife Lois Lane and young son Jon were introduced to the main DC Universe Earth .

When the New 52 Superman died, this version repkaced the New 52 version.

Then the history of the two were merged, making all of pre 52 Superman history valid.

Except for Elsewhere stories of course.

Things like what the origin of Justice League was and the members of the New Teen Titans became uncertain. Glimpses of the old versions have been shown, but never acknowledged.

Bendix is changing things like how Krypton exploded, so right now, what is canon, is not yet certain.

Doomsday Clock when ended,will also affect canon.

It used to be Superman was the first super hero, he was Superboy, as Superboy, he joined the Legion of Superheroes, all that changed with Crisis on Infinite Earth.

The JSA and LSH will be reintroduced after Doomsday Clock finishes. That will affect current canon. And Superman’s place in it.


I don’t think there is “canon” anymore at DC. I’ve been reading for fifty plus years and I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. Infinite Crisis should have been the last “reset/reboot”, but the powers that be can’t resist the urge to fubar current continuities. It’s all such a gigantic mess that I am tempted to throw in the towel and just reread all the wonderful stuff from the '60s, '70s, and '80s. It’s painfully obvious that change is needed at the top, but that will probably bring only more canonical chaos. If there ever was a job for Superman…

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I’ve read some new 52, and everything since. I’m just looking to see what older stories are worth digging into.

There is a big difference between what is canon and what is a good story. Most Elsewhere stories are good stories.

One series I read that I also got a trade on is Superman New Krypton, 2008-2009

The villain Braniac had shrunk several cities throughout the universe.

Landon, a City from Krypton , was un shrunk.

This series is the consequences of 100;000 Kryptonians now existing.

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I wouldn’t worry about “canon”, either. I’ve been reading Superman off and on since 1967, and I try to focus on what I believe are the best stories; canon and continuity I don’t worry too much about.

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Satur9, I apologize for going off on a rant in my previous post. You asked a perfectly valid question about pre-New 53 Supes canon. I’m sure The Death of Superman and its follow-ups Funeral For A Friend and The Reign of The Supermen are still canon. These are great stories on both an epic and personal levels with many of the Superman family of characters and they deserve your attention and appreciation. I’m not sure how Birthright and Byrne’s Man of Steel fit in, but they are both wonderful storylines. Also since we’re discussing the veracity of current canon, don’t limit yourself to just stories that just “fit in”, but rather explore some of the Elsewhere titles like Kingdom Come and Red Son. You won’t be disappointed.

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HA!, New 53? That just might be more than a typo but rather a display, on a subconscious level, of my disdain for the “New 52”. Oops, I did it again.

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Birthright was replaced by Secret Origin so my best guess is that is it.


I’ll check out the secret origins. I read all of the Death of Superman saga as a kid. I wish there was a way I could sort some of the online comics by story arcs. I’d like to reread the entire series.

I loved Red Son.