Superman: Man of Tomorrow (Review) possible spoilers

Hi Movie watchers,
I had an opportunity to watch the new Superman: Man of Tomorrow movie today. I enjoyed it and if you are a fan of DC Animated movies, like I am, I think you will too. Yes, It is sort of an origin story as you probably already know and have heard it all before, but before you dismiss it, I want to appeal to you that it is more than just that.
Trying not to reveal too much, I gotta say a couple of things that stood out to me.

  1. This is one of my favorite renditions of Lois Lane (a younger Lois Lane)
  2. Who doesn’t like seeing the “Main Man”, Lobo, and all his antics
  3. This movie is about the fear of revealing who you are
  4. Knowing that the only difference that matters is what is in your heart.

Superman is different. Let’s face it, we are all different in one way or another. That’s a given, by law of nature and of nurture. No two are the same. Far too many times we hide those differences for fear of how we may be viewed. I think you will find in this movie even Superman had this fear along with some other characters too.

Leave it to Ma and Pa to have instilled in Clark that there are only two choices when facing fears.
Quote from movie:

"Either meet it head on and face the consequences, or you keep your head down and face the consequences. There’s no wrong choice… "
“But you have to make one.”

I hope you get a chance to see this movie soon, and if you do, I’d like hear what you think about it.

P.S. This is my first ever topic created. I’ll take whatever constructive criticisms you have. :wink:


Good movie. I feel like you would have to watch it twice to get anything unique out of it after Red Son. Consequences, that’s what makes someone. Totally right.


R.I.P. Superman (1938-1992)

Will this movie be available here on DC Universe? If so, when??


Really enjoyed it.
While I liked the animation style of the New 52 films I was happy for a change. After seeing the trailer, initially I was on the fence with this one but it quickly grew on me. I would say its similar to Archer maybe even a few moments where I felt a bit of DBZ’ish feel.
Great casting for the voice actors. Really liked all of the versions of the characters as well. Lobo was great, his reaction to MM was so good. No disrespect to Shooter, great work for only being 15, but I enjoyed this origin for Parasite much more. Loved the spin it gave to Byrne MoS along with how Clark learns of his origins and was curious if the horseshoe on the wall was from Braniac story.
I don’t know if this was a one and done movie for this rendition, but would love to get more from it and this animation style. Only thing to nit pick for me was MM’s cape clasps, They looked like hearts :rofl:


There’s usually a 3 month wait for them to get on here, but with all of the recent news about the service not sure what’s in the works for this one. It’s good though, give in and buy it :wink:


Just finished watching it and idk, it really didn’t do much for me. While I like the way the new animation style looks, I felt like the movement was slow, like the frame rate just wasn’t high enough. And I also really didn’t like how a ton of scenes had no score at all. I get that not every scene is gonna have music, but there were a few too many moments that just felt kinda lifeless w/out something in the background


Nothing is definite
But DC Universe will change

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It may be likelh that
DC Universe will not get any new content

ALL video content may be removed from this site

We are being encouraged
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It will
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The new DC Universe
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Welcome to the topic making game.

Just saw it and it was an Awesome™️ Movie.

I like the origin they did. The young Lois and Clark was great. Lois young and hungry Clark still learning was great.

Lobo was hilarious. Just his good ol self.
Lex still sneaky cunning manipulating as always.

Manhunter was great. Always enjoy him showing up. He needs more stuff. His Martian form in this was creepy I liked it.

Parasite was great. Liked the look the voice. This take was great.

As for Supes. He was amazing in the movie. He’s an inspiration to who inspires him. Him getting cape form Batman was great. Wonder if he’ll gets movie in this style. The end scene the final fight just great.

As movie as a whole. A great story with an awesome™️ message as you pointed out above. I like this animation. It’s bright style fit Superman. The action was great too. The music was nice. I really like the silent moments or music less moments. I just really like those and it didn’t feel overdone with music.

In the end an awesome™️ movie.


Just watched it last night. I thought it was great- I especially loved that the Parasite was the main villain. So refreshing :relieved: