Superman & Lois Season 3: Jonathan

I know i’m late to the game (i waited till all of season 3 came out on max), but i think Michael Bishop’s Jonathan is a lot better than Jordan Elsaas’s Jonathan. His dynamic between all the other characters just seems to flow so much more naturally. I get more of a brotherly dynamic between him and Jordan. I think it helps that him and Alex are good friends in real life. His chemistry with Candace is so much better. It was really hard to route for them in season 2 bc it just seemed so forced. but this season they were so cute (the I love you scene melted my heart). I think all together he just flows a lot better, and the essence Michael brings to the character fits. I was wondering if anyone else felt this way? or did anyone think the opposite?


It takes me quite a long time to not be so distracted by recastings, especially for prominent characters (in this case, a member of the core family). I haven’t gotten over that mental hurdle yet. Maybe on a future rewatch.

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I am tardy to the party as well, I don’t mind the recasting, sometimes stuff happens, contracts do not get renewed or who knows why. It would have been a problem had the character just been written out like the guy in The Flash that played who was it, Plastic Man or The Elongated Man ?

This Superman an Lois, I actually like it a lot because it has a lot of great stuff going on and a lot of drama that just makes me roll my eyes and want to burn down everything around me because it is just too cringe.

The guy they cast for Lex Luthor is insanely good , I thought I saw him on T.W.D but maybe not? or Maybe so?

But this Lex Luthor omg, when he set his sites on Lois Lane after I thought about it, and it was pointed out, he did way worse that he wasnt found guilty on or brought charges on, and he spent time locked up in strykers for something he didnt do, but instead of chalking it up to, well i did all these other crimes, I do deserve to be locked up and accepting it. Nope, Revenge time.

Goes to show a lot of naro/psycho traits.

looking forward to eventually seeing season 4 on " Max"