"Superman Lives " Animated Film ?

“Superman Lives” would have been made into an animated film, When Adam West got his chance to dawn the cape & cowl again in “Batman vs Two-Face”, co-screenwriter Michael Jelenic pitched the idea of doing “Superman Lives” as animated film. However the idea was scrapped. But there is a petition to have made into an animated film, if you’re interested please click here :arrow_right: http://chng.it/gpzqSvZqLZ
Or go online and type “Superman Lives animated movie petition”

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I think petitions are against the rules

Nah. Superman Lives had (to quote Cavill’s Superman) “It’s chance”.

Let it go and do an animated movie of something else. Superman has a ton of options for movies.

I watched the documentary on it, I read the first prototype script, and I think it would be interesting to watch. It would make a great animated movie, and if it fails then people can forget about it and not buy it.

Jon Schnepp’s documentary was fascinating and very well done.

Except for the scene where Jon Peters got a phone call, went to take it and Schnepp sat there with the camera rolling while he waited for Peters to come back. That should’ve been cut.

That aside, a great documentary.

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I love the documentary it was really well done, I just wish I could know more about the superman lives project, they changed the script 3 times and I never knew what was changed and taken out, and it would have been an interesting film, I actually prefer it to be animated rather it being live action. Because if people don’t like it they can forget about it, and not buy it. Kevin wants it to be animated.