"Superman Legacy" Full Logo Revealed at CinemaCon 2024

Today is Day 3 of CinemaCon 2024. Warner Bros. took the stage and officially revealed the entire new Superman logo this time. James Gunn didn’t show up, but Peter Safran did and spoke very little about the film. There was a video that played of James Gunn teasing a “Summer of Superman”

What do you all think this means? :superman:


It means they’re going to promote the movie a lot next summer?

(Am I misunderstanding the question?)


I dont know but it could either be really awesome or a total flop depending on how they go about it. DC doesnt need anymore flops


You got the question right. I do think though that Gunn will be doing Superman-related things this summer, possibly the suit reveal being one of them. Maybe?


From what I read, the “Summer of Superman” was announced as a 2025, not 2024. I’m assuming a cross-media “celebrate all things Superman” type campaign, probably some movie prequel or tie-in comics, toys and collectibles, the typical Happy Meal type garbage marketing, social media assault, and so on. Probably some degree of comic con type event for in-person hype. (Current release date is two weeks prior to likely Comic-Con 2025, so I’d imagine teaser content at independent pop culture cons leading up to it, then “okay, we’re spoiler safe now” type interviews and stuff in SD.) Superman Day is June 12, about a month prior to release, so I’d presume that to be the point where they amp up from typical movie promotion to full-on Summer of Superman assault. (Maybe easing off the Pride Month pedal a bit earlier than typical for June.)

I agree that I’d expect Gunn to continue to tease content as filming and post-production continues, not in any way related to specific marketing campaigns. Not sure why people are so gung-ho on suit reveals, but … maybe? Potentially not until NYCC? That would give them time to likely be wrapped on principle photography and give some thought to the trailer campaign; provide some rough cut type sizzle reel that can be attendee exclusive for a few hours. At some point I imagine he’ll start teasing Creature Commandos and Peacemaker season 2 type updates and ease off the Superman stuff until the formal marketing phase gets nearer.

Release timing seems prime for a Super Bowl trailer launch? Or at least a teaser.

(I do like the way he shares non-screen type content, like the The Suicide Squad cast set visit and “oh no, a Superpup has stolen my director’s chair”.)

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I’m sorry, for a moment I thought we were already in 2025. :rofl: :man_facepalming:


That’s okay. Sometimes I think it’s 1992. Or 2524. Time is weird. Right?




I guess the logo is ok, I am barely interested after all the DCEU Superman movies. (I like Cavill, but Supes 2 movies (not counting JL or cameoes as he was not the billed star) were not good imo!



It’s fine honestly, not horrible but it doesn’t grab me like other sigils, even Henry Cavill’s was more impressive. But it’s interesting that it really isn’t a Kingdom Come logo after all.

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