[Superman Fan Club] Presents: The Reading Event of the Year: Week 12! Adventure Comics #289 (1961) November 22nd 2023

Welcome to the [Superman Fan Club] Event of the Year that started September 5th, 2023!

DC Universe Infinite is releasing digital versions of Superman-related Silver Age comics week after week for a month and maybe two or three!!

Week 12: November 22nd

Adventure Comics # 289 (cover date October 1961)

Bizarros Amazing Buddies

(link above blurred to avoid spoilers)

My Favorite Story in Adventure Comics #289 is:
  • Clark Kent’s Super Father
  • Bizarro’s Amazing Buddies
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Please share any favorite panels from this time around below.

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I wonder if there is a collection of all Titano stories?


I actually thought the Superboy story would be one I had already seen in a reprint comic, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a different one. The reference to Marilyn Monroe in the second story was funny, as was the rest of that story. And don’t you think Tales of the Bizarro World could be made into a great animated series?


Agreed! What’s funny though is, I have trouble writing Bizarro sentences because, while I enjoy reading them, I have trouble trying to figure out how to say everything backwards like that. I eventually end up violating the rules of the world.