[Superman Fan Club] and Friends 📻 Superman 40’s Radio Show Twice-a-Month Listen-Along 📻 Wednesday February 17th 9 pm ET 6 pm PT

It’s time again for the hot twice-a-month Wednesday Evening [Superman Fan Club] :radio: Listen-Along :radio:, open to one and all, one and ALL!!!

The Adventures of Superman Radio Show #1214 – 1217 “Is There Another Superman?” (January 1946): Batman tells Clark about a rash of bank robberies in which the vault doors have been ripped off their hinges. The thief wears a blue costume and a red cape, and escapes by taking off into the sky!! Can it be?? (part 1 of 3 Listen Alongs for this storyline).

Radio   03

4 short episodes = a fun way to celebrate the halfway point of the week!!!

Where: Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments!

When: Wednesday February 17th 2021 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT / 7 PM MT / 8 PM CT

We’ll launch the audio recordings in perfect unison like racecars starting a race to a big payback!

What to queue and save to Youtube Favorites beforehand:

The episodes we will be listening to and discussing live as they occur here in this thread are: The Adventures of Superman #1214 - 1217 - Is There Another Superman [January 1946] Part one of three bi weekly segments for this particular storyline!

I have combined all 4 initial episodes (of 13) into one Youtube file here (about 41 minutes):

You can also listen to the audio file only here if you prefer on Google Drive (just click Play once there):

All Superman Radio Show episodes are public domain.

      See you Wednesday night!


:radio: Look, Up In the Sky!! :radio:


I’m thinking this could be fun.

As always, I’m so excited!!! :superman_fan_club:


“Do I need a real radio to listen to this?”

Answer: No

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setting alarm now.

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6 hours to go.

Remember, we provide the link to listen in with for free!!!

3 hours until Superman and Batman call in!


HCQ reporting in!

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Alrite alrite alrite!

The club now advertised on https://www.dccomics.com , a nice banner before we do our Listen Along… the only thing left is a nice virtual parade in our honor once in awhile! Maybe that’s next…


Here is a start to that parade with all our fine DC heroes making their way Don-El. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also reporting in for the Listen Along. :superman_hv_4:


I’m here, I’m all hooked up to my speakers and I’ve got my golden age comics on hand to look at pictures while I listen!


Wow we’re having a party here already! Very nice, excellent parade @ajm08g !

Glad you have some Golden Age comics to peruse at while we listen @Bar-El … I believe I may have snuck in a cover and a panel or 2 from the 40s comics for Batman and Superman …tonight


Nice Don-El! :clark_hv_4:

Looks like I will keep my split screens to make sure I don’t miss those! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This sounded like fun.


Heh, “sounded,” I see what you did there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally stoked for Batman and Robin again!


Oh my 2 minutes


I forget, did we hear Batman during the last LAL, or was it just Robin and Alfred?

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No Batman last time, lots this time.