Superman: Exile — Reading Order

I just started reading the Superman: Exile story from the late 80s.

It picks up at a moment in Superman’s life after he was forced to execute three Kryptonian criminals from an alternate universe. It traumatized him so much that he ended up subconsciously creating a split personality for himself to fight crime at night as Gangbuster. When he eventually realizes what he’s done, he decides to he’s too dangerous for the planet he calls home, and leaves Earth.

It’s a terrific story from a time in comics when publishers weren’t afraid to spend years building up a character’s world and supporting cast with a real chance to explore consequences and development without having to worry about a universe reboot just around the corner.

Anyway, because it takes place over the course of three different titles, I’ve been finding it a bit cumbersome navigating around, so I thought I’d create this thread to help myself out and anyone else interested in diving in.

  1. Superman #28
  2. Adventures of Superman #451
  3. Superman #29
  4. Adventures of Superman #452
  5. Superman #30
  6. Adventures of Superman #453
  7. Adventures of Superman #454
  8. Action Comics Annual #2
  9. Superman #32
  10. Adventures of Superman #455
  11. Superman #33
  12. Adventures of Superman #456
  13. Action Comics #643

Thanks for sharing this, @scarecroe! I read this storyline a few weeks back. It was really good, and being able to read it in the correct order really adds to it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this.

This is one of those I really want to read, but bummed they don’t have a digital trade of it.

@Green.Lantern I suggest we add this to our Superman storylines section.


I second this, along with fixing the Millennium Giants story (also Superman-related) in the Storylines section as well.

Thank you for the reading order, @scarecroe! :superman:

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