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I was planning on reading the newer Superman comics but I have heard that they are bad. Are they really? Is it worth reading? Some people say that Bendis is a bad writer but I don’t have a problem with his Young Justice. Do people just not like that Jon Kent is older, or is there something else? Should I read it?


This is tough one to answer. Superman is my absolute favorite fictional character from any medium. I have been reading “the adventures of Superman” since 1966 and only once did I drop all his books near the tail end of the New 52. Well, sad to say I am now considering that same option as Bendis continues to mystify me with his complete lack of understanding, and presentation, of The Man of Steel. My displeasure with his run on Superman goes far beyond “aging up” Jonathan Kent. His total disrespect for the marriage of Lois and Clark, and their bumbling attempts at parenthood (Who let’s their ten-year son go off on a galactic sojourn with a reincarnated, lunatic grandfather?), his convoluted plots that oft times lack payoffs, and his recent destruction of Clark Kent’s identity make me long for the day when he is removed from the Superman books. Sorry for the long-winded vent, but does that answer your question?

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Yes it does. I guess I won’t be reading it. I haven’t read much of any Superman and didn’t know if it was worth reading. I just wanted someone else’s opinion before I committed to a new series. Thank you

@JasonToddGod: If you want to read Superman there are decades worth of amazing books out there (and on this app) that wonderfully showcase the majesty–and humility–that makes Superman the greatest comic book character of all-time. Don’t let one creator keep you from experiencing the thrill of The Last Son of Krypton!

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What do you suggest I read?

Start with John Byrne’s Man of Steel and just continue from there with all the Superman books from the late '80’s through the mid '90’s. You will get to see how Marv Wolman, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern, Louise Simonson and many other fine creators of that period crafted Superman stories that were rich, exciting and seminal. Also, seek out any of the Silver and Bronze
age books here on the app and be prepared to be stunned by naive simplicity, pathos, and FUN. I know this recommendation is technically not a “Superman” comic but seek out Adventure Comics #'s 369 and 370 (starring Superboy and The Legion of Super=Heroes) and enjoy the sheer, joyful craziness of the Silver Age and its creators.

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Alright! I will. Thank you!

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Bendis can write.

He may have taken on too much work so logic plot and correct characterization don’t appear in his stories when that happens.

His Young Justice and Batman are fine. Because he has heavy experience with young and street level heroes. He can do these type of stories in his sleep

He just doesnt fit with Superman.

Before Bendis there was a wonderful treatment of the Kent Family Clark Lois and Young Jon

Then Bendis ruined it.


Superman.Lois and Clark
Superman 2016
Super Sons

And see what he destroyed.


Is that why he made Jon a young adult? So he could put in the new Legion thing.

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I don’t know if this was the idea of Bendis.

But he was given the job to execute it.

Jon goes on a trip with.his mother Lois and his Mad/crazy grandfather Jor el.

For some reason Lois returns to Earth and does not go back to Clark

I believe Jon is tortured for those five years and so did not mature and yet was not traumatized.

In many ways he is a ten year old in a seventern year old body

There are many great stories with Jon at ten

Maybe Bendis didnt know how to write about ten years olds or functioning families with two parents and a child


I think both Bendis’ Superman series are fantastic. I suggest you read whatever issues are available here on the service (starting with The Man of Steel and then going into his Superman and Action runs)… and then decide for yourself :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Alright. Have you read Frank Miller’s Superman Year One?

Yes I have.

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Did you like it? Is it a good place to start?

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I appreciated JRJR’s art in it… thought he did a great job. The story was a different take on Superman’s early years, which I didn’t mind since it’s an elseworld story. Thought it started good with issue 1 and ended not so great with issue 3 (Batman was just off, and the whole Trinity setup was way rushed). Overall, no I would not recommend it as a place to start. But is it worth a read? Yeah; the art alone makes worth it :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Pro Bendis

Mixed Bendis

Con Bendis

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@turok I stand by those words (but I still read all of his stuff…)



So do i

Because these titles.are so important

Sometimes his work is not terrible.

Maybe he just needs a good editor.

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Thank you. I’m sorry I responded so late, I had to do the dishes and the second article took a bit of time to read

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@JasonToddGod, since we’re sharing posts, here is a reply where I linked my opinion on Bendis’ Superman from several different posts. Just in case you were curious what I like about it.