Superman/Batman:Public Enemies WAL (BYOM) Today 5:00PM(est) 2:00PM(pst)

20 minutes until we start

If you are not familiar with WAL we start at the beginning with the WB logo coming into view. Please DO NOT fast forward through the opening credits. This will help keep folks sync’d.


starting in 15 min

starting in 10 min

Five minutes

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Ya beat me to it.

3 min

2 min

might just be us

1 min

Start now

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By buying it.

Lex would do that

Clancy Brown

Clancy is such a great voice for Lex.

And see who sucks up to the govt. I was always disappointed in PG for joining so quick.

I like this art. And that is so close to the books

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Hello folks.


Black Lightning is more of a surprise on that stage. Depending on what iteration of BL is more your own

I just got done reading the 6 issues. It is so close in tone. Its a very well done adaptiation.

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