Superman/Batman #20-25 (Vengeance). I have questions...

In the final panels, Luthor mentions “a reckoning…a crisis.” Which crisis is he referring to? Also, was there a follow-up to the Myxy Darkseid conversation about the 4th world and the 5th dimension? Any insights?

In Superman/Batman #25, Mxy is looking back on when Lex said the bit about a reckoning in S/B #6.

At the time S/B #6 came out (January 2004), it was thought Identity Crisis was what Lex was referring to, since that was on the horizon with a summer 2004 debut.

However, Dan DiDio said that DC had been building up to Infinite Crisis for two years and with Infinite Crisis #1 debuting in October of 2005, this is most likely the crisis Lex spoke of.

As for Mxy and Darkseid’s conversation in #25, I’m not sure about that offhand. I don’t think it could have been Final Crisis, as I don’t remember Mxy having anything to do with that.