Superman and Vixen as a couple.

Now, this is obviously not traditional at all, and seems very out the blue but I believe this could work.
They both feel kind of alien, in different ways- obviously. This trait allows for the establishment of a spark, they bond. They talk. They date.
Plus, her fierceness is also a good match with Clark’s softness.
I also believe her being a glamorous model could be a fun way to make Clark Kent more outgoing socially.

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Think about it


Hard to honestly imagine Superman with anyone but Lois Lane… but an intriguing idea.

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It just came into my head.
It’s probably in the event of a breakup with lois(very sad) and she’s there with him

I don’t like the wonder woman matchup so this seemed better

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@the legend killer :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I dig it.

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I need a hashtag

#Clari perhaps

Or #Suxen

Not bad.

However, I think there’s plenty of non-super women out there for Clark.

Interesting idea but honestly the idea of Clark being with anyone other than Lois is just odd to me.

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Why would anybody wana see Superman & Vixen together… that doesn’t even remotely have any meaning whatsoever, and sounds like a horrible storyline waiting to happen

She did give Superman a smooch in the Vixen: Return of the Lion mini-series.

However, that wasn’t for romantic purposes, rather it was something Vixen did as part of her attack plan.

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Bruh, I’ve been saying this for years. They’d make a hot couple.

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