Superman/Action Comics by Bendis

I took some time to re-read all of the Bendis Superman stuff that’s come out so far. Started with Action Comics 1,000 and DC Nation #0, through the Man of Steel mini-series, right up to the new monthly Superman and Action Comics stuff. I’ve gotta say, I really like these stories as I read them as they were released and they’re EVEN BETTER when read as a whole! Really loving this take on Superman and his world and looking forward to where everything winds up. Rogol Zaar is a cool villain and I’m eager to know more about him. I’ve always loved the Sci-Fi style Superman stories and we get a lot of that in the Superman monthly right now with all that Phantom Zone awesomness. I’m also REALLY loving what Bendis is doing in Action Comics!! It’s kind of the opposite end of the spectrum that the Superman book is on. The Red Cloud is another cool addition to Superman’s rogues gallery and I can’t wait for the reveal of who she really is! As much as I love sci-fi centered Superman stories, this Action Comics story is awesome because we get to see Superman against the mob and it has an old-school, retro feel to it. Love to see the lengths the mob has to go through to get around Superman’s powers! These books are AWESOME! If you haven’t given Bendis’ Superman run a try, you totally should!

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Tried. Didnt maybe enjoy it, the only good thing us the art. I’ll try again once his current storylines are over since they spin out of M.o.S


I despise what Bendis has done to one of the greatest runs of the character before he took over.

I am dreading when he will start writing John and Lois and the super family dynamic again. He didn’t want to write them so bad that he had them willing to go with Jor-el into space so he wouldn’t have to.

At least I have the Super Sons 12 issue run to counter act Bendis terrible writing.

Glad you enjoy it though but I really did not.


I think he’s been writing the best Superman since Morrison’s run on Action. Not only that, but he’s written the best Jon Kent, bar none. Like, I like Tomasi’s and all, but he writes him way too precious, whereas what we’ve seen of Bendis’ take, he feels like a good, but realistic kid.

I’m enjoying both, especially Superman. Issue four was a winner.

Bendis is a putz. #firedandidio

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I was skeptical on Bendis’s Run at first just because I loved Tomasi and Gleasons run and felt its one of the best Superman run on the charecter in a awhile if not ever. I certainly think that they deserved a 100 issue run especialy seeing how they gave King (whos made such a disastor of that batman book I droped it completely sense that dumpsterfire poison ivy arc) one. I allso enjoyed Jurgens Action run too, but Bendis has slowly won me over and Im realy enjoying his superman and action. That Adam Strange scene was great. I just think did they really have to pad Bendis’s ego so much to give him both books instead of just one and nabey…, just nabey, letting Tomasi or Gleason (or both) perferibly write Action. That way you could still double ship both titles. I still liked Tom & Glea’s run better and wish it was still going but Bendis’s run has pleasently suprised me.

Tomasi and Jurgens were both killing it on their respective titles. Bendis hasnt been terrible, but damn I wqnted more family fun with Superman, Lois and Jon.

Tomasi’s issue when they went to the carnival was so perfect.