Superman 2016, Action Comics #957+, and Superwoman - What's the order of events?

Hi, I’m fairly new to the whole DC Comics game, but I’ve been reading a lot of Rebirth comics as of late. However, I’m confused about when the 2016 Superman series, Action Comics #957 and onwards, and Superwoman take place relative to each other. Can anyone help me? I want to read the comics in the order that they take place, but that seems nigh-impossible at the moment.

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I usually go chronologically as the comics were released by story arc. So if Superwoman starts an arc in January 2017, I’ll read until the end of the arc, and then I’ll pick up the next title which might be Action in February and read through that arc and so on. Does that make sense? Don’t have much time.

Someone has a suggested reading order if you want. I’m sure he’ll share it soon.

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Alright, let me see if I can explain this better by example. With those titles, I would have started on:

Action Comics 957 because it was released earliest on 6/8/16. I’d then finish the arc this story introduced, Path Of Doom, which ends in Action Comics 962.

The next Action Comic is 963 released on 9/14/16, so I’d take notice of that and see if any other of the titles I’m following have issues released earlier.

I’d notice that Superman 1 came out on 6/15/16 which is the next earliest series, so I’d start reading that. It introduces the story Son of Superman that runs for six issues. The next story start in Superman 7 on 9/21/16, so I’d see if any of the other titles I’m reading have story arcs starting before that.

I’d see that Superwoman first issue released on 8/10/16, so then I’d start reading that to the end of the arc in issue seven. I’d then see which story line released next which would be Action Comics, then Superman again, then so on and so forth based on which arc started first.

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If you are wanting a 100% percent perfect reading order, give up on that fantasy. It’s not always possible. For instance I was reading the Rebirth Action Comics comic the other day, and it intersected with Suicide Squad, so I had to back up and start reading the most recent Suicide Squad story arc, but the stories converged so that events in Suicide Squad were happening simultaneously to events in Action, so I had to read to the end of Suicide Squad’s arc and then go back in time and read Action’s story to get both stories as they branches out.

If you get to some named crossover event such as Superman Reborn, then you can just Google a reading order.

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I say the best order to read all of this is in order of interest and which books you’re into the most.

Like BatWatch said, trying to read everything chronologically is more often than not a losing battle.

You’ll enjoy whatever you’re reading more if you focus on the stuff you’re really interested in, and less so on the minute, exact, precise order of it all.

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