Supergirl to be cancelled and replaced with Superman show?

Agreed with others, I’m not fond of CW at all. I missed The WB. We know that TBS and TNT are owned by AT&T, also own DC too, so I prefer DC shows to be on DCU, TBS, TNT, Adult Swim or HBO

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I like Supergirl a lot. But would love for Supes & Lois to get on a regular series, or their own show.


I really like the Flash and Arrow. The only part I like from Supergirl is the LGBT stuff. Anyone know when Batwoman is released?

I hope this rumor is true. Big Blue has been absent far too long.

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As much as I like Tyler in the role, I’m not certain that I want a Superman show to replace Supergirl.

But a Super-Team Family show, with Lois and Jon? I’d be down for that.

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This is likely to cause some unintended groans, but I’ve had enough of the Superman family altogether. I love Kara as a character, and I wanted to like the show as well, but it is just too corny at times for me.
I like Tyler as Supes. He seems like a straightforward Clark Kent. Nothing against him at all.
I’m ready to move on to new characters, putting the big blues on the sidelines for the time being, as they’re way overexposed imo. Honestly, I feel the same way about Batman(although I am definitely looking forward to a Batwoman show and our first Batgirl film).
That said, we have to keep Arrowverse alive my friends. The fan base for all of those shows(even the ones I can’t stand) are tremendous. Additionally they are FREE. Why would I want to pay to watch Arrow or Black Lightning when I’m currently not?
I suspect the DCU people will continue to put out awesome programming on the app, while the tv programs come and go. But kudos to whoever thought to do previously unexplored DC characters like Doom Patrol or a TV-MA Titans! :+1:t4:

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All the Arrowverse shows got renewed for 2019-2020, according to the link.

I think Crisis will move Kara to Earth-1. If it does anything with Superman, I think we might meet a new one on Earth-1 (perhaps with a Lois and Jon) that could spin into it’s own show or allow Kara to be the big sister/cousin. I don’t see Superman replacing Supergirl. As for movie rumors, they were going to do a Flash movie concurrent with the Flash tv show and Supergirl’s Superman was on the screen at the same time as the DCeU version, so I think DC may have gotten over their ‘too many versions of a character in mass media’ hang ups.


Nope. They’ve actually written Superman off for the year (watch Elseworlds). Supergirl has actually been doing a decent rating as well. Also, WB still wants the Trinity primarily on the big screen, not television.

I watch all the Arrowverse shows on the CW and while I do believe DC Universe could do those shows better. It won’t happen because the ad money from the CW dwarfs subscriber money from DC Universe.

If Supergirl is cancelled it will be to move her to movies where the trolls can savage her because they want a Superman movie. Let the CW do what they do and let DC Universe make great shows with characters that are off the beaten path. I would rather have Animal Man on DC Universe than Superman.

If Superman does get a series it’ll probably be a standalone series, can’t have the flagship character needing help from a bunch of B and C listers


Personally, I think we all need help from others, at one time or another, no matter their skill levels or talents. Sometimes, all it takes is a single little finger to make the difference. We are all capable of helping others in need, even if they are big and powerful and you would never think they could use your help.

There are times that even Superman could use help, even from a powerless human of elementary school age. You do not have to be a superhero to pick up a piece of kryptonite and move to a safer distance from Superman. And that is just one example.

I have no idea how or why executives in suits think they way they do, and make the decisions they do, about which shows they will show here, or there, but not there, or here, never mind the demand everywhere, at least from some. Many times the reasoning, when I do hear one, seems rather convoluted and senseless.

However, all that said, I see no reason there cannot be both a Superman and Supergirl show on TV, in separate time slots or on different days. There once was a show called the Six Million Dollar Man, and a Bionic Woman show. I do not recall hearing about anyone complaining that one show was detracting from the other. The only problem, as I saw it, was the stories.

For those who are tired of Superman and/or Supergirl, and do not want a Superman series, no one would make you watch them. :wink:

Just as no one would force me to watch Animal Man, if that show ever made it to series (although, I probably would at least check it out to see if it was worth watching).


Careful of rumors Supergirl is still among CW’s top rated shows though weakening. Black lightning and Legends are far weaker.

Another thing we have is Krypton. So do we really need a 3rd Super show?

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I hope it true, but the writing is that problem not the characters or the actors. The writers or maybe the network executives are the ones adding all the SJW BS that drove me away.

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I don’t think Supergirl will get cancelled. If it did it wouldn’t be replaced with Superman because WB is over protective of that character just like they are Batman because of the misguided logic that if their on tv nobody will pay to go see them in the movies. It would be awesome if one day Superman and Batman would have their own CW shows and they could do a historic World’s Finest crossover. That would be epic but it will never happen unfortunately because of that misguided logic that I mentioned.

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I would love to see a Superman show, but unfortunately that won’t happen.

I like Supergirl but this season has been rough. They’ve focused so much on politics and socials issues, and while there’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s like the stories have been sacrificed in the process. This used to be one of the fun shows. Now every episode feels like a lecture. Aside from the two Luthor episodes, I haven’t been enjoying this season. I hope next season we get back to it being a fun show.

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With supergirl supposedly getting a movie made I can see the show getting replace with a Superman show personally supergirl and legends I don’t watch anymore tbh

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