Superboy Prime vs. The Batman Who laughs

Who would win?

-The Batman who laughs gets 3 hour of prep and basics knowledge of Prime.

-TBWL has his Crows (or Robins)

-Prime has no prep

-On Apokolips

-To the death

-If it’s a easy win for The Batman Who Laughs
Prime gets Nth metal weapons and armor

-If it’s a easy win for SuperBoy Prime the BTWL gets DawnBreaker for a teammate

-Who wins?


I’d say the Batman who laughs. He’s freaking terrifying.


I second BwL. With prep he could do it. It would be hard but he could.

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Prime all day long. I don’t care how much prep time you have. Nobody can beat Superboy one on one. Well, so far nobody has gotten close. Dude is so strong he punched reality itself into a state of confusion.


I go Prime on this one. After watching what he did in Sinestro corps war, I was solidly in his corner. Dude is awesome!

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You gave all of the essential information except for one thing, the writer. Things like this seem to come down to the writer’s fondness for the characters. Objectively, I think Prime would have it but as he’s written now BWL would win.


They’re both so annoying and overused, it would be great if they did each other in.

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