Super Sons/Mer a graphic novels at Wal Mart

I was at Wal-Mart tonight and they had the Super Sons: The Polar Shield Project and Mera: Tidebreaker graphic novels. I was surprised to see them but I’m always happy to see comics in any store that isn’t a book store or comic shop. I picked up the Mera gn but decided to wait on the Super Sons gn mainly because I had also just bought one of the new Game of Thrones figures. I just thought I would give anyone who may be interested a heads up. Also The WM prices are close to the Amazon prices.


That’s great. Where in the store were they? Presumably in the books and magazines department, but I ask as different Walmarts like to put different things in different areas sometimes.

Cool, I’ll have to see if they’re at mine.

They were in the book and magazine section. But I not sure if they are with the new releases because the WM I was at just did a remodel with adding the book and magazines to the electronics and I’m still not familiar with the lay out. Also they are not together Super Sons was on a mid level shelf and Mera was on a top self. If I remember correctly Mera was near if not beside the Shazam Origins trades.

Guys buy these at your LCS not Walmart! These aren’t Walmart exclusive. Support the little guys.

Nobody said they’re Wal Mart exclusive, I even mentioned the prices are close to the Amazon prices. I’m a firm believer in the more eyes that see your product the more successful it will be. And let’s face it these books are not aimed at the comic reader crowd so the less stores that stock them the less they will sell. I’m all for supporting comic shops but I care more about supporting DC.