Super Sons group?

Man, I just discovered groups here. It’d be awesome if there were a super sons group. I don’t think I’ll ever be quite active enough to meet the criteria of club leader though. I’ve got too many pages and groups I run on other platform.

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I can only assume that the Super Sons will be covered in the Renegade Robins Club eventually. @JasonTodd428 is covering all of Damian Wayne’s history, so he should get there at some point.

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Yep, I’m particularly excited to discuss that topic in the future. I own all the comics and tie ins.

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@RedHood1919 & @Behemoth. You’re in luck as I will be covering both Super Sons and Adventures of the Super Sons in this club at some point in the future. I’ll also sneak over into the relevant Superman issues as well. Its still a ways off though.

As things stand right now we’ll be finishing up the Pre-Flashpoint books just before the holidays start. At that point I was planning a bit of holiday fun for everyone. (Running through November, December and possibly also January.) Nothing to involved mind you as I am typically very busy during the holidays (though with Covid who can really say if that will be the case this year or not at this point).

I’d guess we’d get to Rebirth era stuff at some point next year. I haven’t really plotted out things for next year as yet though.


Meanwhile, there’s a really wonderful little Dick & Damian story that we’re covering this week. Bruce has a real airhead of an ex-girlfriend stirring up trouble for the Dynamic Duo:

It’s a real treat, so if you haven’t read it, you should. And if you have read it, drop a comment in the thread!



That’s a bit it of an understatement there @AlexanderKnox


In all seriousness though it is a weird little story but fun and not to long either.

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Oh crap, I actually remember that story… Vaguely.