Super Friends, anyone?

Will the original Super Friends comic series from the late 70s/early 80s ever be digitized? I would love to have that series in digital form. The series was a bit goofy but I loved Ramona Fradon’s art (and the Wonder Twins, who debuted in issue 7). I’ll admit I check the Comixology app all the time looking to see if the series is finally available.


I think DC will eventually.
But it may take a while, when you consider the rate at which they’re digitizing.

I would expect them to at least add the Global Guardians issues.


I have most of that run in hard copy. I don’t care for the cartoon, but the comic was actually more interesting to me. It’s simply a fun adventure series. Nothing stellar, but entertaining.

I think the cartoon loses me due to animation and voice acting.

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I do agree the comic series in my opinion had a bit more depth to it, not that it wasn’t still a kids comic but the writers seemed to put some effort into it.


Right now, DC is scheduled to release a hardback collection of some of those “Super Friends” comics called “Saturday Morning Comics Vol. 1”. I’m hoping this sees the light of day and doesn’t get sucked back into the Twilight Zone like a lot of previously solicited collections have been.


More Ramona Fradon is always wrlcome.

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Ramona Fradon Rocks.

There is also at least Showcase vol of the Super Friends if you don’t mind black and white.

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The super friends issue with swamp thing, kinda, was my introduction to the character. That, or an early 80s BNB issue. Ive used super friend issues and spidey super stories to help my kids get into reading

I, too, would like to see the Super Friends comic added to the library. I’ve only read one issue of the series, a “special” issue that I received in elementary school. I think it was a promotional giveaway issue, which reprinted prior SF stories.

I would especially like to read the SF issues that introduce the heroes who would eventually become the Global Guardians. In case anyone didn’t know, the GG didn’t become DCU canon until the team’s appearance in DC Comics Presents.

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