SUNDAY KNIGHTS: Double Feature Movie Watch-Along, 9/22, 8:00 PM & 10:00 PM EST

15 minutes to Knight Time!


6 min

The time is nearly upon us! Thank you all for joining us instead of watching the Emmys.

One minute!



Oh man, this movie is 2 logos old.

Nice CGI bridge

(Pssst… this is secretly my favorite Nolanverse movie.)

I always liked this part.

in the graffitti

“Have I got a story for you!”

This segment feels a lot like one of the most memorable TNBA episodes, but it’s got such a great sense of style.

The kid in the P shirt looking like a young Mutant Gang member. Slice n Dice.

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I enjoyed all of these stories.

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Really nice “camera” angles.

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Unfortunately, Batman can do nothing about this. Skateboarding, you see, is not a crime


The cityscapes in this movie are GORGEOUS

This confirms everything: Batman is real and he is living in the literal shadows.

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