Summer Supercation Poll: What Amazonian Weapon Do You Want to Master?

Phew, the bayou was quite the spooky adventure! You’re glad to be off on a whole new type of adventure. After battling so many dark terrors, it’s time to take a REAL vacation- by training with Amazonians, of course!

Your DC-mobile hits the beaches of Themyscira- you quickly find out, these women aren’t messing around! Without so much as a “welcome to paradise”, you have four training options thrust before you- which of these weapons do you choose to master?

  • Bow & Arrow
    *Golden Lasso

Let us know how it turns out in the comments below!


I’m surprised that Golden Lasso is currently the least voted for. I mean, you can learn how to throw a spear or shoot a bow anywhere. I get love, I guess, but that would be an awkward thing to try to “learn”. It’s so personal. Lassoing is cool and unique on it’s own, but to be able to wield THE Golden Lasso would be pretty epic.



I rather like love quite a bit :slight_smile:


Not enough people appreciate the value of a good bow and arrow. When wielded right, normal people can use them to stand alongside mighty beings. Just ask Green Arrow, Arsenal, Arrowette, and a certain purple-garbed archer from the competition.


Ditto to bow and arrow.

If I pick love, does that mean I have a chance of survival? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I can’t run a mile or lift my bodyweight or repel bullets with my gauntlets. I was planning to find the first convenient hiding spot.


Golden Lasso forever! It’s unique among all heroes. It’s one of a kind and ties into her creator while also providing her with very different types of action sequences.

Bow and arrows are done to death. Every other character has a bow and arrow or can use one.

Love, I wouldn’t classify as a weapon. Weaponizing love negates love altogether. That would no longer be love, but a twisted version of it.

Spears are cool and could be used for many things, but they’re not the Spear of Destiny or anything like that so a light up lasso that compels you to do as you’re commanded (usually to tell the truth) is so much better, IMO.


Me wantee:

-bow and arrow
-Artemis’ BF axe
-to be trained by Artemis

In that order.

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All your mastery of weapons will be USELESS when you all love me! Also I can go to Starling City and become an archery expert over the weekend.


@biff_pow You best perfect your skills in Starling City, Robin of the Hood.

Otherwise they drive you out to the sticks while “You have failed this city…'s archery school!” blares out over the loud speakers.

Touchy lot they can be.


Bow & Arrow. Far more accurate, longer distance, more rapid fire rate.

Love…is a device invented by bank managers for making us overdrawn.

Golden lasso…do we really think the Amazons are selling those at the duty-free shop?

Spear, by itself without a shield, a low efficiency weapon.

I’m kinda surprised sword didn’t make the list.


The Bow and Arrow… Bow and Arrow’s are awesome!


Spear all dae boi it worked in year one with hunting, it worked in year 9,000 with star wars I’ve learned that Spears will always work just fine
Ol’ reliable TM

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The golden lasso is unique to Themyscira so I pick that one.

Plus its truth telling properties would come in handy in everyday life.

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I’d choose the golden lasso. Finally get some truth out of people!

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Funny story about weapons. Nothing to do with DC. Went to Trek convention. Met Michael Dorn. He’s done a lot of voice work. Almost got to ask him a question about voices…“Can you give me a line from the other actors on the show imitating their voices?” Instead the kid behind me asks the question (and in the most unusual high pitched trekkie-voice you can imagine…“Mr. Doooooorn? Do you prefer the Type 1 or Type 2 phaser?” And Dorn looked up and said in his deep Worf voice…“I hate to tell you this, but they’re not real.” I couldn’t have been more apologetic when he was signing for fans.

I would choose the golden lasso because it’s just cool! Plus I have already mastered love based on that i have been married 31 years! Of course maybe i should use the magic lasso on my wife and see if she thinks i have mastered love.

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Bow and arrow! I mean did y’all see how far they can shoot those things in Justice League after the invasion to warn Diana.


Golden Lasso

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